Monday, January 24, 2011

Small Bug with SpreadSheetCreateSheet

I was running some comparisons with CF9's spreadsheet functions and noticed a small bug with SpreadSheetCreateSheet(). When you omit the sheet name argument, CF automatically generates the sheet's name for you, using the standard naming convention Sheet1, Sheet2, etcetera). But apparently CF, or more accurately POI, does not verify the new name is not already in use.

If you run the code below, it creates two sheets both named Sheet1.  Obviously if you saved the file to disk and tried to open it, Excel would complain about the duplicate sheet names. It is possible it may also cause problems with other spreadsheet functions that rely on sheet name, rather than index.

<cfset sheet = SpreadSheetNew() />
<cfset SpreadSheetCreateSheet(sheet) />
<cfset info = SpreadSheetInfo(sheet)/>
<cfdump var="#info#" label="Duplicate sheet names" />

Now I suspect most people prefer to provide their own (more descriptive) sheet names, in which case the issue does not apply. But in case you do choose to use this feature, just be aware of this "gotcha".


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