Thursday, November 12, 2009

MS SQL: Useless Function Trivia

While reviewing some MS SQL 2005 metadata, I stumbled across something I never noticed before. It still supports the old ODBC "{fn}" functions. With the exception of CurDate and CurTime, there is probably not much need for them. (Nor do I find the syntax particularly appealing ...). But still, it was surprising to find they do still work. So there is my MS SQL oddity for the day.

<cfquery name="q" datasource="MSSQL_2005">
{fn CurDate()} AS [CurrentDate],
{fn CurTime()} AS [CurrentTime],
{fn DayName( getDate() )} AS [DayName],
{fn DayOfMonth( getDate() )} AS [DayOfMonth],
{fn DayOfWeek (getDate() )} AS [DayOfWeek],
{fn DayOfYear(getDate() )} AS [DayOfYear],
{fn Extract(Day From getDate())} AS [ExtractDay],
{fn Hour(getDate() )} AS [Hour],
{fn Minute(getDate() )} AS [Minute],
{fn Month(getDate() )} AS [Month],
{fn MonthName(getDate() )} AS [MonthName],
{fn Now()} AS [Now],
{fn Quarter(getDate() )} AS [Quarter],
{fn Second(getDate() )} AS [Second],
{fn Week(getDate() )} AS [Week],
{fn Year(getDate() )} AS [Year],
{fn TimestampAdd(SQL_TSI_DAY, 14, getDate())} AS [TimestampAdd],
{fn TimestampDiff(SQL_TSI_DAY, '2009-10-31', getDate())} AS [TimestampDiff]
<cfdump var="#q#" label="Old MS SQL Functions fn{}" />


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